Some of the things I've worked on

Some of the projects I’ve released publicly:


Glide is the first game I completed and published publicly. It’s a simple puzzle game where the goal is to move each ball to its matching color. The link has more information on the game itself, so I won’t repeat that here.

The first version of the game was published for Windows Phone 7, and was implemented using a combination of XNA (for the game) and Silverlight (for the UI). While this combination made writing the UI easier, it ended up slowing down the game quite a bit.

The version above is a complete rewrite from the first, done entirely in Unity, and currently available on Android, Windows, and WebGL.


DDP.Net is a library that implements the Distributed Data Protocol (DDP) from the Meteor Javascript framework, in C# and .NET.

The library lets you connect your .NET application to a Meteor server, and (at the time of writing) supported most of the major Meteor features. The most interesting feature (IMHO) was syncing collections into an Observable collection. You could just hand the ObservableCollection to your WPF application, and DDP.Net would keep in in-sync with the Server automatically.

I haven’t touched it in a few years, so there’s no guarantees it still works with the latest version of Meteor.