A movement-based puzzle game
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About Glide

The idea behind Glide is straightforward: move each ball to its matching star. However, the balls only move in one manner; they go in a single direction until they hit something (like a wall or another ball).

The game is spread out over 13 chapters, each adding its own unique twist on gameplay, requiring new solutions to solve the maps.

The player is ranked on how many moves their solution took. Each map has an optimal solution; finding this solution awards 3 stars.

I had a lot of fun making this game, particularly exploring all the possible gameplay elements. Many of the elements I prototyped were cut in the final version, either because they were not fun or they overlapped too much with other elements.

The game was designed for mobile first, and the maps are designed to be fairly short, enabling the player to pick the game up for a bit to work on a map or two. There are links at the top to the Android and Windows store versions of the game. For mobile, the first 75 levels are free. To unlock the rest of the maps, there is a single in-app purchase. This is the only in-app purchase in the game.