Hi, I'm Chris

A few things about me
  • I currently work as a Software Engineer for Microsoft. However the contents of this blog are mine alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

  • I spend my free-time as a hobbyist game developer, working on game ideas that interest me

  • I’ve enjoyed making games as long as I can remember; games are a large part of what got me into software development in the first place.

  • I’ve moved between a number of game frameworks over the years. The ones I’ve spent the most time with are

    • TI-89, Basic, then later C
    • GameMaker
    • PyGame
    • XNA/MonoGame
    • Unity
  • I currently live with my wife Tanya in Durham, NC, along with our 2 cats and 2 dogs.

  • This blog will focus almost exclusively on my side projects, and other hobbies. I’m intending to use it as an outlet to document things I’ve picked up and learned from my personal experiences.